11th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Lausanne 2013

Cycles and Events in the Earth System

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PLENARY SESSION, Friday November 15th 2013
Palais de Rumine, place de la Riponne. (directions)

Chairperson: Karl Föllmi
13:30 - 14:00
  • Welcome address by the Minister of Education, Youth and Culture of the Canton of Vaud

  • Welcome address by the Rector of the University of Lausanne

  • Welcome address by the Director of the Cantonal Museum of Geology at Lausanne

Anne-Catherine Lyon

Dominique Arlettaz

Gilles Borel

Chairperson: Benita Putlitz  
14:00 - 14:35
  • Fluids and Crustal Processes through Orogenic Cycles

Bruce Yardley
University of Leeds

Chairperson: Eric Verrecchia
14:35 - 15:10
  • Banded Iron Formation and the Rise of Oxygen

Kurt Konhauser
University of Alberta

Chairperson: Thierry Adatte
15:10 - 15:45
  • The impact of oceanic anoxic events on marine biota,
    ocean chemistry and Earth processes

Angela Coe
The Open University

15:45 - 16:30 Coffee break
Chairperson: Stuart Lane
16:30 - 17:05
  • Accounting for extreme events in Earth Surface Processes:
    the critical challenges

Oliver Korup
University of Potsdam

Joint SNC-IUGG &
SNC-IUGS Union Lecture

Chairperson: François Bussy
17:05 - 17:40
  • Carbonation of mantle peridotite: Natural systems,
    global carbon cycle, engineered capture & storage

Peter Kelemen
Columbia University

Chairperson: Pierre Dèzes
17:40 - 18:30
  • Communications Platform Geosciences
  • Géologie Vivante – Erlebnis Geologie – Avventura Geologia
  • Presentation SGM 2014 in Fribourg
  • Paul Niggli Medal
  • Swiss Geological Society Award
  • CHGEOL Award
Bruno Schädler
Matthias Damo
Jon Mosar
Klaus Holliger
Neil Mancktelow
Jean-Marc Fasel
18:30 - ???
  • Swiss Geoscience Party (food, drinks and rejoicing) for registered participants