10th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Bern 2012


Lecture rooms

Each lecture room is equipped with a Windows laptop and a beamer. Since the lecture rooms can be quite large, we recommend that you use a font size of 18 or greater. Assistants will be present in each lecture room and can help the chairperson and speakers.

Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint

Authors should bring their presentations on a memory stick and run it from the permanently installed laptop in each room. The use of personal computers will not be allowed. ALL speakers are required to check into the room where they will give their talk at the latest during the break before the beginning of their respective session (starting at 8:30 am for the first morning session). There will be no installation/uploading during the session! Therefore, we strongly recommend to test the presentation and/or software during the breaks. Please help us to avoid unnecessary delays in the scheduled sessions respecting this procedure.


If you have questions pertaining to the oral prsentations, pleae contact:
Stefan Broenimann: stefan.broennimann@giub.unibe.ch.