7th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Neuchâtel 2009


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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20: Plenary lectures: Water across boundaries


Meetings of Societies

Plenary Session, Friday November 20th

Water Across Boundaries

Espace Louis-Agassiz 1, Aula des Jeunes-Rives, Neuchâtel

14:00 - 14:15 François Zwahlen
President SGM 2009
Opening address
14:15 - 14:45 Gordon Young
President IAHS
Scientific understanding: essential for sound water resources management (Joint IUGG-CH & IUGS-CH Union Lecture)
14:45 - 15:15 Janet Hering
Geochemical Perspectives on Water Quality
15:15 Coffee break
15:45 - 16:15 Steven Ingebritsen
United States Geological Survey, USGS
The Role of Groundwater in Geologic Processes
16:15 - 16:45 Robert Cramer
Conseil d’Etat de Genève
L'eau : élément fédérateur de la politique transfrontalière
16: 45 - 16:50 Musical Interlude
16:50 - 17:40 Helmut Weissert
Bernard Grobéty
Pierre Gander
Christian Meyer
Gilles Borel
Daniele Biaggi
Michael Dungan
  • Communications Platform Geosciences
  • Presentation SGM 2010 in Fribourg
  • Communication Erlebnis Geologie 2010
  • Swiss Commission of Palaeontology Prize
  • Swiss Geological Society Award
  • CHGEOL Award
  • Paul Niggli Medal
17:45 - 17:50 Musical Interlude
17:50 - 18:05 Nexans Award
18:05 - 18:10 Musical Interlude
18:10 - 19:30 Everybody Aperitif & Posters
20:00 Swiss Geoscience Party = "Cocktail Dînatoire" on a boat in the port of Neuchâtel (reservation required)


Symposium Sessions, Saturday November 21st

Espace Louis-Agassiz 1, Neuchâtel


  1. Water across (scientific) boundaries
  2. Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics (Open Session)
  3. Mineralogy-Petrology-Geochemistry (Open Session)
  4. Open Cryosphere session (open session)
  5. Meteorology and climatology (open session)
  6. Darwin, Evolution and Palaeontology
  7. Future horizons in marine and continental research drilling
  8. Geoscience and Geoinformation – From data acquisition to modelling and visualisation
  9. Water and land resources in developing countries: towards innovative management and governance
  10. Processes and environments influenced by water – boundaries crossed and encountered in the Quaternary research
  11. Decision oriented modelling of the geosphere
  12. Biological, physical and chemical processes in soils (Joint with session 10)


Session 1: Water across (scientific) boundaries
Aula des Jeunes-Rives

Convenors: Eduard Hoehn, Adrian Jakob, Ronald Kozel, Urs Mäder, Bruno Schädler, Mario Schirmer
Session I: Water fluxes between soil and atmosphere
Chair: Bruno Schädler
9:00-9:20 Germann P.
Gravity-driven Poiseuille-flow in the lithosphere
9:20-9:40 Rickenmann D.
Debris flows, landslides, and sediment transport in mountain catchments
9:40-10:00 Jaeger E.B., Lorenz R., Seneviratne S.I.
Role of land-atmosphere interactions for climate extremes and trends
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Session II: Surface water/ground water interaction
Chair: Mario Schirmer
11:00-11:20 Huggenberger P.
Processes at and across the interface: Lessons lerned from river groundwater interactions under different hydrologic conditions
11:20-11:40 Vogt T., Schneider P., Schirmer M., Cirpka O.A.
High-resolution temperature measurements at the river – groundwater interface: Quantification of seepage rates using fiber-optic Distributed Temperature Sensing
11:40-12:00 Molnar P., Perona P., Burlando P.
Water disturbance as the organizer of riparian vegetation
12:00-12:20 Hunkeler D., Abe Y., Aravena R., Parker B., Cherry J.
The fate of organic contaminants at the groundwater - surface water interface
Lunch (General Assembly of the SSHL & Hydrobiologie-Limnologie Award)
Session III: Rock-water-interaction
Chair: Urs Mäder
13:40-14:00 Waber N.H.
Porewater as an archive of the palaeo-hydrogeology during the Holocene and Pleistocene
14:00-14:20 Steinmann M., Pourret O.
The role of the colloidal pool for transport and fractionation of the rare earth elements in stream water
14:20-14:40 Driesner T. Coumou D., Weis Ph.
How water properties control the behaviour of continental and seafloor hydrothermal systems
14:40-15:00 Alt-Epping P., Waber H.N., Diamond L.W.
Insights from coupled thermal-hydraulic-chemical modelling of geochemical processes in carbonate and silicate-dominated reservoirs within deep geothermal systems
Coffee break & Poster Session 2
Session IV: Interrelations with biological and ecological aspects
Chair: Eduard Hoehn
16:00-16:20 Imfeld G., Nijenhuis I., Nikolausz M., Richnow H.H.
Variability of in situ biodegradation of chlorinated ethenes in a constructed wetland
(Nexans Award Laureate 2009)
16:20-16:40 Dominik J., Vignati D.A.L.
Metal partitioning in aquatic systems: from interdisciplinary research to environmental practice.
16:40-17:00 Tonolla M.
Microbial communities in the steep gradients of the meromictic lake Cadagno
17:00-17:20 von Fumetti S., Gusich V., Nagel P.
Natural springs - the living passage between groundwater and surface water

Posters Session 1:
Cafeteria + 1st floor

  Alaoui A., Weingartner R.
Caractérisation hydrodynamique des principaux types de sol
  Babic D., Jenni R., Zwahlen F.
Transfer of solutes under forested watersheds
Badoux V., Perrochet P.
Well-head capture zones delineation in transient flow conditions: the use of equivalent steady-state approximations
  Bonalumi M., Anselmetti F., Kägi R., Müller B., Wüest A.
Particles in reservoir waters affected by pump storage operations
  Chèvre N., Guignard C., Bader H.P., Scheidegger R., Rossi L.
Sustainable management of urban water: substance flow analysis as a tool
Diem S., Vogt T., Hoehn E.
Spatial characterization of hydraulic conductivity of the Thurtal-aquifer at the test site Widen
Ducommun R., Zwahlen F.
Tracer tests in urbanised sites: a tool for a better characterisation of groundwater vulnerability in urban areas
Ewen T., Rinderer M., Bosshard Th., Seibert J.
A spectral analysis of rainfall-runoff variability for select Swiss catchments
Glenz D., Renard Ph., Perrochet P., Alcolea A., Vogel A.
A synthesis of available data to analyze the interaction between the Rhône River and its alluvial aquifer
Gremaud V., Goldscheider N.
Impacts climatiques sur la recharge d'un système karstique englacé, Tsanfleuron-Sanetsch, Alpes suisses
Guédron S., Vignati D.A.L., Dominik J.
Partitioning of total mercury and methylmercury between colloids and true solution in overlying and interstitial waters (Lake Geneva).
de Haller A., Tarantola A., Mazurek M., Spangenberg J.
Calcite-celestite veins and related past fluid flow through the Mesozoic sedimentary cover at Oftringen, near Olten
Hindshaw R., Reynolds B., Wiederhold J., Kretzschmar R., Bourdon B.
Trends in streamwater chemistry at the Damma glacier, Switzerland
Huxol St., Hoehn E., Surbeck H., Kipfer R.
Thoron as a possible marker tracing surface water / groundwater interaction
Jordan F., Philiponna C., Heller Ph.
Swissrivers.ch – Online river forecast prediction
Köplin N., Viviroli D., Weingartner R.
The influence of climate change on the water balance of mesoscale catchments in Switzerland
Laigre L., Arnaud-Fassetta G., Reynard E.
Palaeoenvironmental mapping of the Swiss Rhone river
Lüthi M.
Storage and release of water and chemical species in glaciers
MBock P., Loizeau J.-L.
Dynamics of colloid concentrations in a small river related to hydrological conditions and land use
Marzocchi R., Pera S.
Groundwater and tunneling: implementation of a geochemical monitoring network in the southern Switzerland
Nitsche M., Badoux A., Turiwski J.M., Rickenmann D.
Calculating bedload transport rates in Swiss mountain streams using new roughness approaches
Niwa N., Rossi L., Chèvre N.
Pollution des eaux: la santé est-elle un levier pour mettre en place une gestion intégrée à l'echelle du basin versant?
Preisig G., Perrochet P.
Effective stress and fracture permeability in regional groundwater flow: numerical comparison of analytical formulas
Schill E., Abdelfettah Y., Altwegg P., Baillieux P.
Characterisation of geothermal reservoirs using 3D geological modelling and gravity
Schnegg P.-A.
Field Fluorometer for Simultaneous Detection of 3 Colourless Tracers
Schwank M., Völksch I., Mätzler Ch., Stähli M.
Recent Research on the Remote Retrieval of Soil Moisture from Space with Microwave Radiometry
Sinreich M., v. Lützenkirchen V., Matousek F., Kozel R.
Groundwater Resources in Switzerland
Vennemann T., Fontana D., Paychere S., Ambadiang P., Piffarerio R., Favre L.
Dissolved inorganic carbon and its stable isotope composition as a tracer of geo-, bio-, and anthropogenic sources of carbon
Wanner Ch., Schenker F., Eggenberger U.
In-situ Remediation of Polluted Groundwater: A Transdisciplinary Approach
Weis Ph., Driesner Th., Coumou D., Heinrich Ch.A. On the physical hydrology of hydrothermal systems at mid-ocean ridges
Wüest A., Jarc L., Pasche N., Schmid M
One lake, two countries and a lot of methane - the concept for a viable extraction of an unusual resource


Session 2: Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics
Room RE48

Convenors: Neil Mancktelow, Guido Schreurs, Paul Tackley
Chair: Paul Tackley
9:00-9:20 Zhu G., Gerya T.V., Honda S., Tackley P.J., Yuen, D.A.
Influence of thermal-chemical buoyancy in 3-D mantle wedge
9:20-9:40 Crameri F., Kaus B.J.P., Tackley P.J.
Parameters that control the formation of lithospheric-scale shear zones
9:40-10:00 Keller T., Kaus B.J.P.
Numerical models of fluid migration in a tectonically active continental crust
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Chair: Boris Kaus
11:00-11:20 Lechmann S.M., Schmalholz S.M., Kaus B.J.P., Hetényi G.
Comparing thin-sheet models with three-dimensional numerical models for the India-Asia collision
11:20-11:40 Mettier R.
Numerically modeling current vertical surface motion in the swiss alps from the bottom up - Does the geometry of the orogen dictate how it moves?
11:40-12:00 Duretz T., Gerya T.V.
Rheological mechanisms, topographic response, and geodynamic regimes associated with slab breakoff
12:00-12:20 Schmalholz S.M.
Formation of fold nappes in ductile multilayers: insights from numerical simulations
Chair: Guido Schreurs
13:40-14:00 Hunziker D., Burg J.-P., Bouilhol P., Jafar O.
Petrography and geochemistry of upper mantle and lower crust of supra-subduction (?) ophiolites in the Makran, SE Iran
14:00-14:20 Smit J., Burg J.-P., Brun J.-P.
Two critical tapers in a single wedge
14:20-14:40 Gasser D., Mancktelow N.
The Rezli fault zone: Field observations from a major oblique-slip fault in the Rawil depression, Western Switzerland
14:40-15:00 Nussbaum C., Bossart P.
Influence of faults on the development of Excavation Damaged Zone: the case of the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory
Coffee break & Poster Session 2
Chair: Neil Mancktelow
16:00-16:20 Guerra I., Stockli D., Corfu F., Negro F., Mancktelow N., Vennemann T.
Integrated U/Pb, (U-Th)/He and oxygen stable isotope study on zircon of a normal fault zone of the western Alps, Switzerland
16:20-16:40 Thust A., Heilbronner R., Stuenitz H., Tarantola A., Harald B.
Interaction of H2O rich fluid inclusions and natural quartz crystals in deformation experiments
16:40-17:00 Härtel M., Herwegh M.
Strain localization in quartz mylonites of the Simplon Fault, Central Alps
17:00-17:20 Linckens J., Herwegh M., Müntener O.
Strain localization and the importance of second phases in polymineralic mantle shear zones

Posters Session 2:
Room RE46

  Bagheri S., Aref Nejad M., Yabaloui M.
Tectonic history of the Lut Block in Nehbandan area, Eastern Iran
Bagheri S., Buchs D., Salari T., Nabavi M.
Neogene tectonics of the Anarak area in Central Iran
  Bagheri S., Stampfli G.M., Moix P., Bakhshi M.R.
Khur platform: Tectonic evolution of a part of the Neo-Tethyan back-arc basin in Central Iran
  Bejaoui J., Sellami A.
Tectonic control of Pb-Zn-Ba-(Sr) deposit at Oued Jebs-Kef Lasfar, northern Tunisia
Buckingham T., Herwegh M., Pfiffner O.A.
Polymineralic Mylonites Generated by Chemo-Mechanical Mixing: The Glarus Thrust as an Example
Cammarano F., Paul Tackley P., Nakagawa T., Stixrude L., Lithgow-Bertelloni, C., Xu W., Romanowicz B.
Geology and geochronology of the Ilo batholith of southern coastal Peru
Cardello G.L., Bernoulli D., Doglioni C.
Tectonics of the western Gran Sasso d’Italia (Central Apennines)
Cardello G.L., Mancktelow N.
Neogene transtensional tectonic evolution of the central Helvetic nappes: preliminary results
Castelltort S., Nagel S., Mouthereau F., Tien-shun L.A., Wetzel A., Kaus B.J.P, Willett S.D., Shao-Ping C., Wei-Yi C.
Sedimentology of Early Pliocene Sandstones In the South-Western Taiwan Foreland: Implications for Basin Physiography at the Onset of Collision.
Crameri F., Kaus B.J.P., Tackley P.J.
One-sided subduction in self-consistent models of global mantle convection: the importance of a free surface and a weak crustal layer
Dietrich V.J., Gartzos E.
Twin meteorite impact craters in Thessaly (Central Greece) of Holocene age
Egli D., Mancktelow N.
New structural field data from SE of the Mont Blanc massif and preliminary constraints on models of exhumation
Frehner M., Schmalholz S.M.
Reflection and scattering of Stoneley guided waves at the tips of fluid-filled fractures
Gasser D., Bruand E., Stüwe K.
Exhumation of a metamorphic complex in a strike-slip setting: observations from the Chugach Metamorphic Complex (CMC), southern Alaska
Golabek G., Gerya T., Kaus B., Ziethe R., Moll G.-P., Tackley P.J.
Influence of rheology and giant impactors on the terrestrial core formation
Golabek G., Keller T., Gerya T., Connolly J.
Towards self-consistent modelling of the Martian dichotomy: Coupled models of simultaneous core and crust formation
Haghipour N., Burg J.-P., Kober F., Zeilinger G.
Quaternary fluvial patterns on the in-land Makran accretionary wedge (SE IRAN)
Ibele T., Matzenauer E., Mosar J.
Brittle deformation bands in the sandstones of the Western Swiss Molasse Basin
Kais, A., Ould Bagga M.A., Abdeljaouad S., Zargouni F., Mercier E.
Lateral Fold Identification in Northern Tunisia Thrust Belt Front
Kaus B.J.P., Becker T.W.
Insights in the dynamics of free subduction from semi-analytical and numerical models.
Kilian R., Heilbronner R., Stünitz H., Herwegh M.
Flow mechanisms in granitic ultramylonites
Lu G., Kaus B.J.P., Zhao L.
Numerical modelling of craton destruction
Madonna C., Tisato N., Boutareaud S., Artman B., Burlini L.
New experimental approach to measure seismic wave attenuation of rocks at low frequency
Malatesta L., Mishin Y., Gerya, T.
The Singularities of Double Subduction Systems
May D.A., Knepley M.G., Gurnis M.
CitcomSX: Robust preconditioning in CitcomS via PETSc
Mejri L., Regard V., Carretier S., Brusset S., Dlala M.
Seismotectonic study in Northern Tunisia (exemple: Utique Structure)
Misra S., Almqvist B.S.G., Burlini L.
Seismic properties of melt-generating metapelites
Misra S., Tumarkina E., Burlini L., Burg J.-P.
Rheology of metapelites during partial melting and crystallization
Moix P., Stampfli G.M. Palaeotethyan, Neotethyan and Pindos series in the Lycian Nappes (SW Turkey): geodynamic implications
Nagel S., Castelltort S., Mouthereau F., Lin A.T., Willett S.D., Kaus B.J.P.
New constraints on foreland basin development in South-West Taiwan from sequence stratigraphy and flexure modelling
Negro F., Pellet C.-M., Bousquet R., Beyssac O., Guerra I., Vils F.
Thermal structure and metamorphic evolution of the Piedmont-Ligurian metasediments in the Western-Central Alps
Pec M., Stünitz H., Heilbronner R.
Transition from frictional to viscous deformation in granitoid fault gouges
Pleuger J., Mancktelow N.
Structural observations from the Insubric fault between the Valle d'Ossola and Valle d'Orco (NW Italy)
Rahn M., Wang H.
Apatite FT data from the Triassic Songpan-Garzê flysch, Tibetan Plateau, NW Sichuan, China
Rami A., Kahlouche S., Khelif M.
Dynamic Topography Determination of the Western Mediterranean Sea from Jason-1 Data
Ruiz G., Sebti S., Saddiqi O., Negro F., Stuart F., Foeken J., Stockli D., Frizon De Lamotte D.
Mirror denudation pattern on both sides of the Central Atlantic – a trace of the Pangea break-up?
Schenker F.L., Burg J.-P., Gerya T.
The Eastern Pelagonian metamorphic core complex (northern Greece): Structure and models
Tackley P., Keller T., Armann M., van Heck H., Nakagawa T.
Modelling the thermo-chemical evolution of the interiors of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and super-Earths
Thielmann M., Kaus B.J.P.
A numerical approach to test lithospheric cross-sections for geodynamic consistency
Vandelli A., Vachard D., Martini R., Kozur H.W., Moix P., Stampfli G.M. The Lentas unit in Southern Crete: the base of the Pindos sedimentary series? – New paleontological results
Vogt K., Gerya, T., Castro A. Modelling of silicic intrusions in Alpine type orogens

Session 3: Mineralogy-Petrology-Geochemistry
Room RN02

Convenors: Bernard Grobéty, Eric Reusser
Chair: E. Reusser
8:40-9:00 Mattsson H., Bosshard S.
Columnar jointing and the formation of “chisel-marks” in the Hrossadalur lava flow, northern Iceland
9:00-9:20 Alfano F., Bonadonna C., Volentik A., Connor C., Watt S., Pyle D., Connor L.
Tephra Stratigraphy of the May, 2008, Chaiten Eruption, Chile
9:20-9:40 Costantini L., Pioli L., Longchamp C., Bonadonna C., Clavero J.
Complex evolution of a highly explosive basaltic-andesite eruption of Villarrica volcano, Chile: the Chaimilla deposit
9:40-10:00 Degruyter W., Dufek J., Bachmann O. Pumice, a window into the volcanic conduit
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Chair: B. Grobéty
11:00-11:20 Burgisser A., Bergantz G.
Unzipping of crystal mush as a rapid mechanism to remobilize and homogenize magma bodies
11:20-11:40 Dessimoz M., Müntener O.
Hornblende fractionation and peraluminous tonalite: an example of the Chelan Complex, Washington Cascades, USA
11:40-12:00 Chiaradia M., Merino D., Spikings R.
Rapid transition to long-lived deep crustal magmatic maturation and the formation of giant porphyry-related mineralization (Yanacocha, Peru)
12:00-12:20 Reitsma M., Schaltegger U., Spikings R., Carlotto V.
The temporal evolution of the Mitu group, south-east Peru - first U-Pb age data.
Chair: F. Bussy
13:40-14:00 Efimenko N., Spangenberg J., Schneider J., Adatte T., Matera V., Föllmi K.
Sphalerite mineralisation in Bajocian shallow-water carbonates in the Swiss Jura Mountains related to extensional synsedimentary tectonics during the Middle-Late Jurassic.
14:00-14:20 Wiederkehr M., Bousquet R., Masafumi S., Ziemann M., Berger A., Schmid S.
Deciphering the Alpine orogenic evolution from subduction to collisional thermal overprint: Raman spectroscopy and 40Ar/39Ar age constraints from the Valaisan Ocean (Central Alps)
14:20-14:40 Manzotti P., Regis D., Cenki-Tok B., Robyr M., Thomsen T., Rubatto D., Zucali M., Engi M.
Evidence of Jurassic rifting in the Dent Blanche nappe (near Cignana, Italy)
14:40-15:00 Regis D., Manzotti P., Boston K., Cenki-Tok B., Robyr M., Rubatto D., Thomsen T., Engi M.
Complexities in the high pressure metamorphic history of the central Sesia Zone near Cima di Bonze (NW Italy)
Coffee break & Poster Session 2
Chair: T.Driesner
16:00-16:20 Sergeev D., Dijkstra A.
Pyroxenite veins in the Jurassic Pindos Ophiolite (NW Greece): cm-scale mantle heterogeneity preserved in MORB-source peridotites
16:20-16:40 Hingerl F., Wagner T., Kulik D.,
Kosakowski G., Driesner T., Thomsen K., Heinrich C.
Modeling the evolution of geothermal reservoirs in deep fractured rocks: Coupling chemistry to heat and fluid transport
16:40-17:00 Louvel M., Sanchez-Valle C., Malfait W., Pokrovski G., Borca C., Grolimund D.
Bromine speciation and partitioning in high pressure aqueous fluids and silicate melts: implication for the behavior of halogens in subduction zones
17:00-17:20 Mantegazzi D., Sanchez-Valle C., Reusser E., Driesner T.
PVTx properties of high pressure aqueous fluids by Brillouin scattering spectroscopy

Posters Session 3:
North Hall

  Abidi R., Slim-Shimi N., Hatira N., Mejri Z.
Apport des donnees des rayon x, de crystallographie et des inclusions fluides dans la determination de l’origine et la composition mineralogiques de la serie barytine -celestite du gisement d’Ain Allega, Tunisie septentrionale
  Bader T., Franz L., de Capitani C., Ratschbacher L., Hacker B., Weise C., Wiesinger M., Popp M.
Metamorphic evolution of the Qinling Group, Qinling belt, east central China
Bauer K., Vennemann T., Mulch A.
Stable isotopes in precipitation as proxies for the Neogene topographic and climatic evolution of the Alps
  Bejaoui J., Sellami A., Skaggs S.
Mineralogy, Fluid inclusions and sulphur isotope investigation of the Pb-Zn-Ba-(Sr) deposits at Oued Jebs-Kef Lasfar, North Tunisia
Boekhout F. Geology and geochronology of the Ilo batholith of southern coastal Peru
  Bouvet de Maisonneuve C., Dungan M., Bachmann O., Burgisser A.
Melt inclusions from Volcán Llaima (38.7°S, Andean Southern Volcanic Zone, Chile): Insights into shallow magma storage and crystallization
Cenki-Tok B., Oliot E., Thomsen T., Berger A., Spandler C., Rubatto D., Robyr M., Manzotti P., Regis D., Engi M., Goncalves P.
Behaviour of allanite during mylonitisation and implications for U-Th-Pb dating: case study at the Mt Mucrone, Italy
Dijkstra, A.
Peridotites on Macquarie Island: evidence for anciently-depleted domains in the Earth's mantle pointing to global Proterozoic melting 'events'?
Leuthold J., Müntener O., Baumgartner L., Putlitz B., Ovtcharova M., Schaltegger U., Chiaradia M.
The mafic – granitic connection of the Torres del Paine laccolith, Patagonia
Malfait W., Sanchez-Valle C., Ardia P., Médard E.
Compositional dependent compressibility of dissolved water in silicate glasses revealed by Brillouin scattering on haplogranitic and basaltic glasses
Márquez-Zavalía F., Heinrich C.A., Meier D.
Ore fluid evolution in a volcanic-hosted epithermal ore deposit: Farallón Negro, Argentina
Mattsson H., Reusser E.
Baggalútar from Hvalfjördur, SW Iceland: Volcanic spherulites or not?
Monnard H, Manzella I., Phillips J., Bonadonna C.
Convective Instabilities in Volcanic Clouds
Monsef R., Emami M., Rashidnejad Omran N.
Transtensional basin system  in Central Iranian Volcanic Belt
Monsef I., Rahgoshay M., Emami M.H., Shafaii M.
Geochemical constraints on the development of a Mesozoic volcano-tectonic arc and fore-arc basin in the Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone, south Iran
Moulas E., Kostopoulos D.
Metamorphic evolution of a kyanite-eclogite from Thermes, Rhodope Massif, Greece
Pistone M., Caricchi L., Burlini L., Ulmer P.
Rheological properties of crystal- and bubble-bearing silicic magmas: preliminary experimental results
Rosa A., Sanchez-Valle C., Wang J., Saikia A.
Single-crystal elastic properties of superhydrous phase B determined by Brillouin scattering spectroscopy
Scalisi R., Costantini L., Bonadonna C., Di Muro A.
The influence of volatiles in basaltic explosive eruptions: the example of the Chaimilla eruption (3.1 Ka, Villarrica Volcano, Chile).
Semytkivska N., Ulmer P.
An experimental study in the system Fe-Mg-Ti-Cr-Si-O±Al: ilmenite solid solution as a function of pressure and temperature
Shafaii H., Stern R., Rahgoshay M.
The Zagros Collision Zone: Petrological and geodynamical constraints on Inner and Outer Zagros Ophiolitic Belt
Skopelitis Al., Bachmann O.
The transition from cold-wet to hotter-drier rhyolites in subduction zones: the case of the Kos-Nisyros-Yali volcanic center, Aegean arc, Greece
Tercier-Waeber M.-L., Hezard T., Masson M. Dynamics of Cd, Pb and Cu cycling in a stream under contrasting photobenthic biofilm activity and hydrological conditions.
Thomsen T., Pettke T., Allaz J., Engi M.
LAMBERN – software U-Pb, Th-Pb and Pb-Pb age dating by LA-ICP-MS analysis
Trittschack R., Grobéty B.
First insights into the dehydration of lizardite
Tsunematsu K., Bonadonna C., Falcone J.L., Chopard B.
Analytical and numerical description of tephra deposition: the example of two large explosive eruptions of Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador
Udry A., Müntener O.
Petrology of mafic-ultramafic complexes within the Archean Lewisian complex of NW Scotland
Vils F., Dijkstra A., Pelletier L., Ludwig T., Kalt A.
Iridium-strip heater glass pellets: Effects of fusion temperature and time on Li, Be and B content
Voegelin A., Samankassou, E., Nägler T.
Molybdenum isotopes in modern corals: investigation into their potential as redox proxy of bygone oceans
Wang J., Sanchez-Valle C., Stalder R.
Effect of minor elements (H+ and Al3+) on the elastic properties of orthopyroxenes
Zurfluh F., Hofmann B., Gnos E., Eggenberger U., Opitz C.
Approximate terrestrial age dating of meteorites by use of handheld XRF

Session 4: Open Cryosphere session (Open Session)
Room RO12

Convenors: M. Hoelzle, A. Bauder, B. Krummenacher, C. Lambiel, M. Lüthi, M. Phillips, J. Schweizer, M. Schwikowski
Chair: Jeannette Nötzli
9:00-9:20 Steinkogler W., Fierz C., Lehning M., Obleitner F.
A systematic approach to quantify the performance of SNOWPACK
9:20-9:40 Schneider S., Scherler M.
Impact of snowmelt on zero curtain and thaw layer depth for different subsurface textures. Field and modeling- based studies at the Murtél- Chastelets area.
9:40-10:00 Hauck C.,
Coupling of ERT and thermal modelling to monitor permafrost without boreholes
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Chair: Martin Lüthi
11:00-11:20 Delaloye R., Hauck C., Hilbich C., Lambiel C., Morard S., Scapozza C.
Electrical Resistivity Tomography Monitoring of permafrost within the PERMOS network
11:20-11:40 Groot Zwaaftink C., Cagnati A., Crepaz A., Fierz C., Lehning M., Valt M.
Surface snow modeling at Dome C, Antarctica
11:40-12:00 Vieli A., Faezeh M.N.
Understanding rapid dynamic changes of marine Greenland outlet glaciers from numerical modeling
12:00-12:20 Riesen P., Hutter K., Funk M.
A viscoelastic constitutive relation describing primary and secondary creep and solid elastic behaviour of ice
Chair: Andreas Bauder
13:40-14:00 Dalban Canassy P., Funk M.
Flow dynamics of the steep part of Triftgletscher (Switzerland)
14:00-14:20 Faillettaz J., Funk M., Sornette D.
Icequakes as precursors of ice avalanches
14:20-14:40 Ryser C., Lüthi M., Blindow N., Suckro S.
The polythermal structure of Grenzgletscher (Swiss Alps)
14:40-15:00 Huss M., Bauder A., Funk M. Large scatter and multidecadal fluctuations in the 20th century mass loss of 30 Swiss glaciers
Coffee break & Poster Session 2
Chair: Christoph Lambiel
16:00-16:20 Le Bris R., Berthier E., Mabileau L., Testut L., Rémy F. Ice wastage on the Kerguelen Islands (49°S, 69°E) between 1963 and 2006.
16:20-16:40 Stumm D., Fitzsimons S.J., Cullen N.J., Hoelzle M., Machguth H., Anderson B. Mackintosh A. Mass balance of Brewster Glacier, New Zealand, modelled over three decades
16:40-17:00 Farinotti D., Huss M., Bauder A., Funk M. How much ice is stored by the Swiss glaciers?
17:00-17:20 Schaefli B., Huss M. Simulation of high mountainous discharge: how much information do we need?
17:20-17:40 Werder M., Bauder A., Keusen H.-R., Funk M. Hazard assessment investigations in connection with the formation of a lake on the tongue of the Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Posters Session 4:
West Hall

  Hauck C.
Integrative cryospheric research - an example in the Swiss Alps
  Huss M.
Mass balance monitoring on Pizolgletscher
Mitterer C., Mott R., Schirmer M., Schweizer J.
Observation and analysis of two wet-snow avalanche cycles
  Reiwger I., Ernst R., Schweizer J., Dual J.
Shear experiments with snow samples
  Schneider T., Katona-Serneels I.
Using XPD for determining physical rock parameters of permafrost materials
Thevenon F., Anselmetti F.S., Bernasconi S.M., Schwikowski M.
Natural and anthropogenic primary aerosols record from an Alpine ice core (Colle Gnifetti, Swiss Alps).
Usselmann S., Huss M., Bauder A
Impacts of climate change on 22 south-eastern Swiss glaciers from 1900 until 2100
Wirz V., Schirmer M., Lehning M.
Analysis of temporal and spatial snow depth changes in a steep rock

Session 5: Meteorology and climatology (Open Session)
Room RO16

Convenors: Rolf Philipona, Markus Furger
Chair: Markus Furger
9:00-9:20 Fallot J.-M., Hertig J.-A.
Assessment of extreme precipitation in Switzerland with statistical analyses
9:20-9:40 Rossi L., Margot J., Hari E.R.
Water temperature changes in receiving waters due to the increase of imperviousness: a multidisciplinary assessment approach
9:40-10:00 Stocker-Mittaz C., Häberli C., Frei C., Germann U.
The MeteoSwiss strategy for the renewal of the precipitation measurement network
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Chair: Rolf Philipona
11:00-11:20 Piquet E., Delju A., Kaenzig R.
Selecting and producing climatic data to assess the climate change / human migration nexus
11:20-11:40 Hauck C., Krauss L., Barthlott C.
Soil moisture monitoring and soil moisture impact on convective precipitation in orographic terrain
11:40-12:00 Ceppi P., Scherrer S.C., Appenzeller C.
Magnitude and altitude dependence of Swiss temperature trends: local and large-scale influences
12:00-12:20 Ewen T., Brönnimann S.
Pacific North American climate variability and links to the North Atlantic
Chair: Markus Furger
Administrative Sitzung der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Meteorologie (SGM)
Coffee break & Poster Session 2

Posters Session 5:
West Hall

  Chiacchio M., Ewen T., Wild M., Chin M., Diehl T.
Decadal variability of aerosol optical depth in Europe and its relationship to the global dimming and brightening and the shift in the NAO
  Schaller N., Mahlstein I., Knutti R.
Should climate models be evaluated with statistic-based or process-based metrics?
Meier M.F., Grobéty B., Collaud Coen M.
Aerosol properties of Saharan dust collected at the Jungfraujoch: determined by single particle analysis

Session 6: Darwin, Evolution and Palaeontology
Room RN08

Convenors: Lionel Cavin
Chair: Damien Becker
9:00-9:20 Klug C., Kröger B., Kiessling W., Mullins G.L., Servais T., Frýda J., Korn D. & Turner S.
The Devonian Nekton Revolution
9:20-9:40 Brühwiler T., Bucher H., Goudemand N., Ware D., Hermann E.
Smithian ammonoids (Early Triassic): explosive evolutionary radiation following the Permian/Triassic mass extinction
9:40-10:00 Monnet C., Hugo B., Guex J. & Wasmer M.
Macroevolutionary trends of Acrochordiceratidae Arthaber, 1911 (Ammonoidea, Middle Triassic)
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Chair: Lionel Cavin
11:00-11:20 Urdy S., Goudemand N., Bucher H. & Monnet C.
How do recurrent patterns of covariation in molluscan shells connect to growth dynamics?
11:20-11:40 Klug C., Schweigert G., Fuchs D. & Dietl G.
First record of a belemnite preserved with beaks, arms and ink sac from the Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone (Kimmeridgian, SW Germany)
11:40-12:00 Lavoyer T., Bertrand Y. & Berger J.-P.
The borehole 01983X2854 (Preuschdorf, Upper Rhine Graben, Alsace, France) as a basis of a formal definition of the Upper Pechelbronn Beds (Rupelian)
12:00-12:20 Girault F. E. & Thierstein H. R.
Diatom assemblage turnover in the NW-Pacific at the 2.73 Ma climate transition
Chair: Christian Klug
13:40-14:00 Goudemand N., Orchard M., Tafforeau P., Urdy S., Brühwiler T., Bucher H., Brayard A., Galfetti T., Monnet C., Lebrun R. & Zollikofer C.
Paleobiology of Early Triassic conodonts: implications of newly discovered fused clusters imaged by X-ray synchrotron microtomography
14:00-14:20 Romano C. & Brinkmann W.
Reinvestigation of the basal ray-finned fish Birgeria stensioei from the Middle Triassic of Monte San Giorgio (Switzerland) and Besano (Italy)
14:20-14:40 Scherler, L. Tütken T., Becker D. & Berger J.-P.
Terrestrial palaeoclimatical and palaeoenvironmental reconstructions in Northwestern Switzerland: carbon and oxygen isotope compositions of Early Oligocene and Late Pleistocene vertebrate remains.
14:40-15:00 Menncart B., Becker D. & Berger J.-P. Determination of the paleodiet and the phylogeny of extinct ruminants using Relative Wrap Analysis on mandibles: case of Iberomeryx minor (Mammalia, Artiodactyla)
Coffee break & Poster Session 2
Chair: Jean-Pierre Berger
16:00-16:20 Buffetaut, E. Darwinian dinosaurs : missing links or evolutionary failures ?
16:40-17:00 Swiss Commission of Palaeontology Prize
17:00-17:30 Open Discussion and closure

Posters Session 6:
North Hall

  Becker D., Berger J.-P., Hiard F., Menkveld-Gfeller U., Mennecart B. & Scherler L.
Late Aquitanian mammals from the Engehalde locality (Bern, Switzerland)
  Girault F. E., Weller A. F. & Thierstein H. R.
Neogene global cooling: diatom size variability in a changing ocean
Klug C., Schulz H. & De Baets K.
Red trilobites with green eyes from the Devonian of Morocco

Session 7: Future horizons in marine and continental research drilling
Room RS38

Convenors: Flavio Anselmetti, Othmar Müntener, Daniel Ariztegui

Ildefonse, B.

Scientific drilling in the ocean lithosphere : what's next?

Früh-Green G., Delacour A., Boschi C.

Lithospheric heterogeneities, hydrothermal activity and serpentinization at slow spreading ridges: Insights through ocean drilling
14:40-15:00 Anselmetti F.S., Ariztegui D., Hodell D., Brenner M., Gilli A., Mueller A. & the PISDP scientific team members Exploring 200'000 years of climate and environmental history with ICDP drill cores from Lago Petén Itzá, Northern Guatemala
Coffee break & Poster Session 2
16:00-16:20 Recasens C., Ariztegui D., Maidana N.I., Anselmetti F.S., Vuillemin A., Farah R. & the PASADO Scientific Team
New sights on Late Pleistocene climate variability in Southernmost Patagonia: An ICDP approach
16:20-16:40 Stockhecke M., Anselmetti F.S., Meydan A.F., Hammer P., Kipfer R., Odermatt D., Sturm M., Tomonaga Y. & the PALEOVAN scientific team PALEOVAN - The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) in Lake Van, Eastern Anatolia (Turkey)


Preusser, F.
The age of sedimentary fillings of overdeepend valleys in the Alps

Posters Session 7:
South Hall

  Efimenko N., Buchs D., Buret C., Kawabata K., Schleicher A., Underwood M. , Araki E., Byrne T., McNeill L., Saffer D., Takahashi K., Eguchi N., Toczko S. & the Expedition 319 Scientists
Potential and limits of drill cuttings for lithostratigraphical interpretations in siliciclastic environments: preliminary results from the IODP NanTroSEIZE Stage 2 Expedition 319 Site C0009 (Nankai Trough, Kumano Forearc Basin, Japan).
  Strasser M., Moore G.F., Ashi J., Camerlenghi A., Dugan B., Huhn K., Kanamatsu T., Kawamura K., McAdoo B.G., Panieri G., Pini G.-A., Urgeles R.
Addressing Geohazards from Submarine Slides through Ocean Drilling: The “Nankai Trough Submarine Landslide History” drilling Proposal

Straub M., Haug G., Daniel S., Haojia R.

Evidence for a middle Pliocene change in the ocean nitrate inventory based on foraminifera-bound Δ15N in the Caribbean Sea
  Vuillemin A., Ariztegui D., Pawlowski J., Templer S. & the PASADO Scientific Team
New prospects in ICDP research: investigating the subsurface biosphere in Lake Potrok-Aike sediments

Session 8: Geoscience and Geoinformation – From data acquisition to modelling and visualisation
Room RE42

Convenors: Nils Oesterling, Adrian Wiget, Massimiliano Cannata, Erich Zechner
Chair: Adrian Wiget
9:00-9:20 Kühni A., Oesterling N.
Key-Note: Towards a Swiss Geological Information system.
(Presentation as PDF)
9:20-9:40 Strasky S., Baland P., Oesterling N. and Kühni A.
Towards a Swiss geological data model (Presentation as PDF)
9:40-10:00 Tripoli B., Zappone A, Burlini L., Burg J-P., Hollinger, K. & Kissling, E.
The Swiss Atlas of Physical Properties of Rocks (SAPHYR)
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Chair: Massimiliano Cannata
11:00-11:20 Cannata M., Antonovic M.
IstSOS: Sensor Observation Service in Pytho
11:20-11:40 Marzocchi R., Cannata M.
A GIS embedded model for dam break (Presentation as PDF)
11:40-12:00 Molinari M., Cannata M., Troung Xuan L.
Shallow Landslide Vulnerability Assessment
12:00-12:20 Biass S., Parmigiani A., Dell’Oro L., Senegas O. & Bonadonna C.
Exposure-based risk assessment for tephra accumulation: the example of Cotopaxi volcano (Ecuador)
Chair: Eric Zechner
13:40-14:00 Strähl S., Kuhn N.J.
Topography and surface processes in borderline ecotones (Presentation as PDF)
14:00-14:20 Hilbe M., Anselmetti F.S., Eilertsen R., Hansen L.
Insights from two high-resolution bathymetric surveys in Swiss lakes
14:20-14:40 Bilgot S., Parriaux A.
GIS-based method for groundwater management and protection: geotypes serving 3D applications
14:40-15:00 Kuchler F., Cherixa G., Sauvaina R., Storelli S., Lindemann D., Andrey E. SyGEMe, Integrated Municipal Facilities Management of Water Ressources: Tool presentation, choice of technology, man-machine interface, business opportunities and prospects (Presentation as PDF)
Coffee break & Poster Session 2
Chair: Nils Oesterling
16:00-16:20 Stebler Y., Schaer P., Skaloud J. Fast Colorization, Analyses and Visualization of Airborne Laser Data
16:20-16:40 Baumberger R., Oesterling N. Challenges for geological surveys in geological 3D model building and validation (Presentation as PDF)
16:40-17:00 Dresmann H., Zechner E., Huggenberger P. & Epting J. Different resolutions for different topics - the geological 3D-model of the Basel region
17:00-17:20 Renard P., Mariethoz G. & Straubhaar J. 3D modeling of geological heterogeneity: the direct sampling multiple-points simulation method

Posters Session 8:
East Hall

  Antonovic M.
GeoShield: a server side user permissions management to OGC services
  Baillieux P., Schill E.
Preliminary 3D fault model of the European geothermal site (Soultz-sous-Forêts, France)
Baland P. & Möri A.
Converting geological maps to vector datasets – Completing the National Geological Information (Poster as PDF)
  Baruffini M.
Risk, measured risk aversion and individual characteristics
(Poster as PDF)
  Baruffini M.,Thüring M.
Systematic analysis of natural hazards along infrastructure networks using a GIS-tool for risk assessment (Poster as PDF)
Beres M., Kühni A.
Overview of available geoscience data in Switzerland
Borghi A., Renard P. & Jenni S.
A pseudo-genetic approach for the stochastic  generation of karstic networks
Bruijn R., Zappone A., Burlini L., Tripoli B., Holliger K., Burg J-P. & Kissling E.
SAPHYR, the Swiss atlas of physical properties of rocks
Comunian A., Straubhaar J., Renard P., Froidevaux R.
Modeling heterogeneous geological reservoirs using  multiple-point statistics simulations (Poster as PDF)
Fraefel M., Kock S.
Use of digital terrain models and GIS for neotectonic studies: Analysing fluvial terrace morphology in northern Switzerland
Limpach P., Grimm D.
Rock glacier monitoring with low-cost GPS receivers
Marzocchi R., Federici B., Sguerso D.
A GIS tool to create fluvial flooding maps. Interaction of 1D hydrodynamic model and GIS (Poster as PDF)
Meier A., Wili C.
Naturereignisse entlang der Bahnlinien: eine systematische Aufnahme
(Poster as PDF)
Saraswat P.
Particle Swarm and Differential Evolution optimization -Global optimization for Geophysical Inversion (Poster as PDF)
Villiger A., Heller O., Geiger A., Kahle H-G & Brockmann E.
Estimation of local tectonic movements using continuous GNSS network

Session 9: Water and land resources in developing countries: towards innovative management and governance
Room RO14

Convenors: Hans Hurni, Urs Wiesmann, Thomas Breu
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Chair: Prof. Hans Hurni (CDE-NCCR North-South)
11:00-11:20 Ehrensperger A.
Bioenergy in Africa: Opportunities and threats of Jatropha and related crops
11:20-11:40 Notter B., Hurni H., Abbaspour K.
Using the SWAT hydrological model to quantify water-related ecosystem services in a large East African watershed
11:40-12:00 Mejri Z., Ben Hamza C., Hatira N., Abidi R.
Repartition et hydrochimie des aquiferes de l’extremite nord occidentales flysch numidien, (Tunisie septentrionale)
12:00-12:20 Exarchou J., Salim N.
Water Governance as a tool to ensure sustainable and secure human development, in the Middle East
13:40-14:00 Liniger HP., Schwilch G., Mekdaschi Studer R.
Local and regional sustainable land management options based on assessed experiences
14:00-14:20 Wolfgramm B., Bühlmann E., Liniger HP.,Hurni H.
GIS-based decision support for soil conservation planning in Tajikistan
14:20-14:40 Maselli D., Ur-Rahim I.
From a technocratic to a custodianship approach: Putting herders at the centre of pasture management in Kyrgyzstan
14:40-15:00 Goetschel L., Péclard D. Conflicts and natural resources.  Research results and outlook
Coffee break & Poster Session 2

Poster Session 9:
West Hall

  Thüring M., Trotman A., Moore A.
Caribbean Water Monitor: Small island states, water resources and climate change

Session 10: Processes and environments influenced by water – boundaries crossed and encountered in the Quaternary research
+ Session 12: Biological, physical and chemical processes in soils
Room RS40

Convenors: Judit Becze-Deak + Samuel Abiven, Pascal Boivin, Elena Havlicek, Claire Le Bayon
Chair: Judit Becze-Deak
9:00-9:20 Sastre V., Loizeau J.-L., Greinert J., Naudts L., Arpagaus P., Anselmetti F., Wildi W.
Morphology and recent history of the Rhone River Delta in Lake Geneva (Switzerland and France)
9:20-9:40 Heer A., Hajdas I., Steffen D., Preusser F., Veit H.
OSL-based chronology of the postglacial beach plain NE of Lake Neuchâtel on Swiss Plateau: Problems and possible solutions.
9:40-10:00 Schwanghart W., Frechen M., Klinger R., Schütt B.
Geomorphological drivers of Holocene environmental change in Mongolia
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Chair: Samuel Abiven
11:00-11:20 Broennimann C., Askarinejad A., Kienzler P., Springman S., Tacher L.
Porewater pressure modelling in a rainfall triggered shallow landslide: the sprinkling experiment in Rüdlingen, Canton Schaffhausen
11:20-11:40 Mavris Ch., Egli M., Plötze M., Blum J., Haeberli W.
Initial Stages Of Soil And Clay Minerals Formation In The Morteratsch Proglacial Area (Upper Engadine, Switzerland)
11:40-12:00 Batlle-Aguilar J., Brovelli A., Porporato A., Barry D. A.
Modelling of mechanisms affecting nitrogen and carbon cycles in soils subject to land use change
12:00-12:20 Wang G., Or D.
Hydration effects on microbial motility and coexistence on unsaturated rough surfaces
Chair: Pascal Boivin
13:40-14:00 Graf Pannatier, E., Schmitt M., Thimonier A., Waldner P.
Effects of atmospheric deposition of acid compounds and nitrogen on soil solution in Swiss forests
14:00-14:20 Ehrhardt F., Matera V., Adatte T., Verrecchia E.
Etude de la dynamique des éléments traces métalliques en forêt périurbaine (Isle-Adam, Val d'Oise, France) : approche écosystémique
14:20-14:40 Heim A., Hofmann A., Miltner A., Christensen B.T., Schmidt M.W.I.
Is the mineral phase responsible for stabilizing lignin in soils?
14:40-15:00 Chappatte D., Verrecchia E. Discrete simulation of biogeochemical exchanges in a microbial mat
Coffee break & Poster Session 2
Chair: Elena Havlicek
16:00-16:20 Füllemann F., Milleret R., Capowiez Y., Le Bayon R.-C., Gobat J.-M., Boivin P. Soil porosities as engineered by earthworms microcosm experiment with tomography and shrinkage analysis assessment
16:20-16:40 Kohler-Milleret R., Le Bayon C., Boivin P., Gobat J.-M. Earthworm, mycorrhiza and root interactions: effects on soil phosphorus nutrient status and soil structure

Posters Sessions 10 & 12:
South Hall

  Abiven S., Andreoli R.
Decomposability of pyrogenic carbon mixed to different organic substrates
  Breider F., Albers C., Hunkeler D., Jacobsen O.S.
Carbon isotope signature of biogeogenic trichloromethane: a tool to discriminate anthropogenic and natural sources in soils
Castelltort S., Gredig G.
Controls on the form of bars in braided rivers
  Comment N., Pinard G., Abiven S., Adatte T., Gobat J.-M., Verrecchia E.
Reconstruction of past vegetation succession on developping podzols using organic and mineral specific markers
  Glur L., Wirth S.B., Anselmetti F.S., Gilli A., Haug G.H.
FloodAlp! Frequency and intensity of extreme floods in the Alps through the Holocene
Hengartner P., Abiven S
Pyrogenic carbon solubility in the soils: quantitative and qualitative approaches
Hippe K., Kober F., Zeilinger G., Ivy-Ochs S., Kubik P.W., Schlüchter C., Wieler R.
Quantifying rates of surface denudation at the eastern Altiplano margin, La Paz region, Bolivia
Kober F., Abbühl L., Dürst M., Ivy-Ochs S., Schlunegger F., Kubik P.W.
The shape versus the processes of a landform – the Hörnli region, NE-Switzerland
Matile L., Achermann M., Krebs R.
Entwicklung und Anwendung einer Grobscreening-Methode zur Untersuchung des Abbauzustandes von Moorböden am Beispiel des Lobsigensees
Meyer C., Lüscher P., Schulin R. Regeneration of mechanically loaded soils under skid lanes by plantation of Alnus glutinosa
Pichler B., Schmidt H.-P., Boivin P., Abiven S.
Characterization of biochar and their impact on soil fertility
Prudat B., Adatte T., Hassouna M., Gobat J.-M., Verrecchia E.
Rock-Eval Pyrolysis to determine stable organic Matter in irrigated sandy Soils from Palm Orchards
Singh N., Abiven S., Boivin P., Schmidt M.W.I.
Moisture and temperature effects of char in a forest soil
Studer M., Schneider M., Moreno J.M., Resco V., Abiven S.
A tool to estimate fire intensity and chemical structure of black carbon inputs into soil

Session 11: Decision oriented modelling of the geosphere
Room RN04

Convenors: H.-R. Egli, M. Stauffacher, O. Smrekar
Chair: Hans-Rudolf Egli
9:00-9:20 Weigel A.
Seasonal climate predictions: From theory to end-user applications
9:20-9:40 Plattner G.-K.
The Road to Climate Stabilization: Insights from Carbon Cycle - Climate Models
9:40-10:00 Balin D.
Integrative hydro-geomorphologic modelling in alpine regions : scientific and operational challenges
Coffee break & Poster Session 1
Chair: Michael Stauffacher
11:00-11:20 Rothenbühler C. (for Haeberli W.)
4D information on climate-driven geosystem changes in high mountain areas - experiences and perspectives
11:20-11:40 Binder C.
Integrative modelling of pesticide use in developing countries

Posters Session 11:
North Hall

  Bilgot S., Parriaux A.
Using predisposition factors for landslide hazard assessment: a new GIS-based methodology
  Durrande N., Renard P., Ginsbourger D.
A clustering method for uncertainty quantification applied to CO2 sequestration
Milnes E.
Simulation-based risk assessment of superimposed groundwater salinisation processes

Meetings of Societies on Friday 20th November

Time   Room
12:15 - 14:00 IUGG swiss national committee meeting RN08
13:00 - 14:00 «Erlebnis Geologie» General assembly RN04

Meetings of Societies on Saturday 21st November

Time   Room
12:30 - 13:30 General Assembly of Swiss Society for Mineralogy & Petrography RO14
12:30 - 13:30 General Assembly of Swiss Society for Snow, Ice & Permafrost RO12
12.30 - 13:30 IUGS annual swiss national committee meeting RN08
12.30 - 13.30 General Assembly of the Swiss Society for Hydrology & Limnology and Hydrobiology-Limnology Award RN04
12.30 - 13:30 General Assembly of the Swiss Geological Society RE42