Swiss Geo-Scientists met in November 2003 in Basel for the first Swiss Geoscience Meeting. During the plenary session, dedicated to "new perspectives in Swiss Geosciences" developed a very enthusiastic interdisciplinary discussion that we since call "The spirit of Basel". We would like to cordially invite you to come to Lausanne to carry on that Spirit of Basel, that is to attend multidisciplinary symposia and discussions among all geoscientists.

For the Friday plenary session the Programme Committee together we the Lausanne based organising Committee has chosen several hot topics around the theme "The Alps - Challenge for Geosciences and Society". For Saturday we propose a preliminary list of interdisciplinary theme sessions as well as open sessions. Please, get in contact with the conveners of each symposium for further details. We warmly invite especially young scientists to submit abstracts for talks and posters.

Welcome to Lausanne!